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Vehicles For Sale

We buy repairable vehicles from insurance auto brokers, and we sell them, we will partially fix them for you or completely repair a vehicle restoring it to pre accident condition. I no case will we sell a vehicle that is not safe! All vehicles are repaired to the factory quality using either OEM or high quality parts.

Vehicles Needing Repair For Sale

What you see here are vehicles that we have bought for repair. Stacey has carefully examined each vehicle prior to buying them at auction to make sure they represent a good value and can safely be fixed. These vehicles are fixed in our spare time between other jobs.  However if you want one, we will be glad to either sell it to you or repair it for you to your specifications.


Partially Repaired Vehicles For Sale

These vehicles have had the repair process started on them. The worst of the body work, such as frame straightening and structural work has been finished. The next time they are in the shop the body work will be finished, they will be painted, detailed and ready to sell.


Repaired Vehicles For Sale

What else can I say? Want to buy one. Need a good car at a VERY REASONABLE price. Come look at our finished cars. Some people say that these cars are inferior to a regular car. However, they are the same thing that collectors do when they strip a car and rebuild it to perfection. Once done, they have a virtually new vehicle. We do the same thing to these cars with the exception that they are not antiques.


Partial Vehicles and Parts For Sale

OK, here it is! Sometimes on an insurance job, we need front fenders, seats, a door or two off of a previously wrecked vehicle. At some point is becomes cheaper to buy the entire vehicle and remove the parts ourselves than to pay another person to remove the parts. Sometimes it is not a matter of cost, but we want specific parts and if we remove the parts we are sure to get what we want! However, when we have the  parts we needed, we have part of a car left over. That is what is what you see here. Need a part off one of these cars, call or email us and we will be glad to quote you a price and remove your part. Want the whole hulk, just ask, we will sell that too.